Life/Form® Injectable Training Arm – Child


An exact reproduction of the arm of an 5-year-old for practice of venipuncture and intramuscular injection techniques and procedures used in young children.

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Features realistic vinyl skin and latex veins so the skin actually rolls as you palpate the vein, and the characteristic “pop” can be felt as the needle penetrates the vein. Realistic flashback occurs with proper insertion. The arm pivots at the upper arm for easy accessibility to antecubital fossa, along the forearm, and at the back of the hand. A bony landmark at the shoulder helps identify muscle tissue for intramuscular injections. For attachment to the left shoulder of the Life/form® Child CPR/Airway Management Torso (LF03633U). Replacement skins and an aerosol vein resealant (LF01099U) are available. The arm comes with light skin, two fluid supply bags, 3 cc syringe, 12 cc syringe, needle, one pint Life/form® blood, teaching guide, and carry case. Five-year warranty.

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