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I wanted to thank you for guiding our team through our recent training and acquisition of a defibrillator.  Your follow through on training and team support during emergencies was excellent and long over due for us. Recently we had a family member pass out during visitation and our team response was excellent.   We responded calmly with all the right questions and procedures to ascertain the best possible care.  Thanks for helping us to maintain our professional image even in emergency situations.


Brian Parent

Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Centre Inc.



For years the thought of taking a first aid course has crossed my mind many times but I never acted on it until you came in and offered it to our company. Right then and there, I think I was the first to sign up. Yes, it was going to take up one day of my life but I made the sacrifice. And today I am so grateful that I did take your course. You not only made the class fun and kept everyone’s attention; your knowledge of first aid is amazing. You definitely know how to react in an emergency situation. Then after taking first aid I was able to be trained on how to use a defibrillator. Again, your professionalism and knowledge was top notch. I am now confident in myself to know what to do in an emergency situation. Thank you very much for getting me to this point. In closing, the way I see it, the one day I took out of my life to take your courses, could save someone for the rest of their life.....a small price to pay when you think about it. I would strongly recommend it to everyone. Thank you again.

Bonnie Authier
Wheeler's Printing and Copying




When my workplace decided to obtain a defibrillator for the office I was approached and asked if I would be interested in learning how to operate it if the need ever arose. Although I was feeling hesitant and a bit nervous since this was something I had only seen on TV, I agreed.

An evening course was then arranged, and to my surprise everything was explained in terms that I easily understood and operation of the unit was demonstrated until everyone in the room was clear on how to operate it. We were then given different scenarios that could arise and were asked to respond as if it were a real situation using a test unit. The unit itself gives easy to understand instructions and is quite simple to use.

Overall, I left feeling informed and confident that if need be, not only in the work place but any public place equipped with a defibrillator I could operate the unit and possibly be able to save someone's life.


Tammy Sagaert
Dell Will Customs Brokers